Sarah – A Birthline Story

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Sarah* is a very brave young lady who found Birthline one year ago. Despite a very challenging physical impairment, when Sarah found out she was pregnant she made the decision to parent her child. Her relationship with the baby’s father proved to be short-term. Although at first it seemed her boyfriend wanted to be involved in their lives, by the time Sarah found Birthline he was no longer connected to them. Nevertheless, Sarah showed amazing tenacity during her pregnancy! And even though just caring for herself can be difficult, she has managed to become a patient, capable mother to her baby daughter. Sarah still feels lonely at times, but advocates at Birthline have been so privileged to form a special friendship with her when she comes in every month to visit and pick up baby supplies. We’ve seen so much positive growth in her life as a result of choosing life for her beautiful daughter and look forward to seeing even more as time goes on!

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