Pregnancy Centers in Colorado

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Family is not just a value that we teach our clients to embrace – it is a value that we follow in our own community as well. One way that we develop healthy family relationships is by working with the other pregnancy resource centers in our area. Not only do we all have the same goal in providing help and healthy options to parents and babies who are in vulnerable situations, but because we each supply slightly different types of services we’re often able to refer clients to one another.

Pregnancy resources centers work together as a family, and have been for decades. In Colorado, there are currently 92 pregnancy help organizations actively reaching individuals who are facing difficult pregnancy decisions. We estimate that there are around 2,700 total volunteers at these Colorado organizations, and that together they contributed over 217,000 volunteer hours in 2017. At Birthline, we are so proud of the incredible 28 volunteers who committed time throughout 2017, serving with a total of 2,445 hours!

Birthline is more than a team – we are a family! And we’re deeply honored to work hand in hand with other centers in our state and across the globe, as a family.


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