Miranda – A Birthline Story

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Eight years ago, Miranda* came to Birthline for help when she found out she was pregnant. When she found us, she was due in five months and would have no support from her baby’s father. Throughout her pregnancy Miranda came to our office to visit and to find maternity clothes. She had a beautiful baby girl and we journeyed with her for the first two years of her daughter’s life, providing free diapers and baby clothes as she learned how to support and care for her new baby as a single mom.

Last summer when Miranda found out she was pregnant a second time she knew just where to come! We were so happy to welcome Miranda back and encourage her as she continues to care for her family. Her bravery and courage in difficult situations is so inspiring. Miranda’s first daughter, who is now a sweet 8-year-old, is so excited to meet her little sister next month! It is an amazing experience to witness the story of a young, pregnant mother from so long ago find us again as she continues to make a way and provide for her children. We’re privileged to partner with this family, and we can’t wait to meet Miranda’s new baby!

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