Jenna – A Birthline Story

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Jenna* had gone to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. She knew she didn’t want the baby and she had had an abortion before, so she wasn’t quite sure why she couldn’t go through with it. She found herself walking out before she could commit to the procedure. Jenna confided in a friend who suggested she see someone at Birthline of Loveland.

During her visit here, Jenna shared with an advocate that she already has several teenage and adult children. The baby’s father isn’t remotely involved in her life anymore. She has a full-time job, and she is working on getting a bachelor’s degree through a scholarship. Jenna is the sole provider for her family, and simply could not see a way to make raising a brand new baby work.

Today for many people, all these reasons would simply point toward the easy way out – abortion. Jenna had faced this decision before, and had given in to the pressure of a quick fix. Now she was torn between the strain and complexity of bringing a baby into her already chaotic life, and the pain and remorse of a decision she had faced years before.  So what was it that had made Jenna walk out of Planned Parenthood? She wasn’t sure, but she said it must have happened for a reason.

By the end of our first conversation with Jenna, she had found a spark of hope in her situation. When she told us she didn’t know where to start, we were able to provide her with the first steps in the right direction. We shared our resources for prenatal care and an ultrasound. Through the following weeks and months, Jenna was able to hear her baby’s heartbeat and had an ultrasound that showed a healthy pregnancy. As she made plans for the next year, she found she would be able to postpone her degree for now and still be able to use her scholarship in the future when she goes back to school.

Over Christmas we received the best news of all – Jenna told us she found out she was having twin girls! Now when Jenna comes in to visit, she is happy and open. We can’t wait to meet her two beautiful baby girls at the end of May!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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