Hannah – A Birthline Story

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Hannah* wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship, but then she got pregnant. Life in a trailer with her mom and two brothers was already crowded, but now there was a baby and a boyfriend to consider. When Hannah found Birthline, her tanicity shone through as she shared her plans to transform a corner of her own bedroom into a tiny nursery. After an advocate talked with her about her future plans, the idea of a long-term, committed relationship with her boyfriend didn’t seem so far away. Hannah was eager to share information about our Man to Man program with her boyfriend – she thought he might be willing to meet with one of our male advocates and learn more about being a great dad.

As Hannah and her boyfriend wait for the arrival of their precious baby, we have not only been able to help Hannah find a space for a baby shower with her friends and family, but they are both currently meeting with a pastor as they move toward marriage! We’ll be ready to greet their baby in a few months, and will continue to provide maternity and baby supplies. Journeying with this family as they grow stronger together, despite the odds, is one of greatest fulfillments we can know!

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