Cassie – A Birthline Story

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Cassie* had been sober for two years when she found she was pregnant with twins. She came to Birthline feeling guilty for her past and confused about her future. When we started seeing Cassie, she had a restraining order placed on her boyfriend who struggled with addictions, and even had him arrested for domestic abuse. During her visits with an advocate at Birthline, Cassie shared that she had believed in God when she was younger but when she got older, life circumstances convinced her that God didn’t exist. But God wasn’t finished with Cassie – He had already been at work in her life. She received the offer of a Bible from us, and we showed her how to begin reading.

Because of her traumatic past, Cassie had a very difficult delivery and dealt with depression and anxiety. Not long after the birth of her twins, however, Cassie told us she believed God saved her and her babies! We were already seeing the results of continuous love and care in her life. As we met with Cassie every month and sent her with baby supplies and resources, we began to see her life transform and new direction take place in her heart. She has a goal of going to school and pursuing psychology – she wants to help women who are pregnant, on drugs, and in abusive relationships. With the help of Loveland’s community resources, that dream is going to become a reality for Cassie! Advocates at Birthline have had the honor of seeing God’s redemption working in Cassie’s life for the past several years. Her twins are almost one year old, and are happy and healthy. We look forward to seeing the rest of her story unfold!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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